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    Cosmetic properties of hydrosol:

    *by a slightly acidic pH close to the pH

    The skin helps maintain its own physiological response;

    *It’s bactericidal, purifying, sebostatic *

    and eliminates inflammation – an excellent agent

    care for acne and seborrhoea skin;

    *healing of wounds and abrasions;

    *prevents scars;
    *soothes inflammation of the scalp;

    *it’s aphrodisiac;

    *reduces stress and calms down.*

    How to use Organic Vetiver Hydrosol?

    *hydrosol is suitable for oily skin, acne; dry and mature with inflammation, oily and dilated pores, with acne; for oily hair, with dandruff and hair loss; for injured skin, with insect bites, with mycosis;
    * as a facial tonic – every day after washing in the morning and/or evening with a cotton pad moistened with hydrolath, wipe the entire face,neck.

    *as an irritation relief fluid used after shaving or epilation;

    * before the application of the face oil – when the oil is applied to damp skin, rubbed before application of the hydrolat, its effectiveness will increase;

    *to be used several times a day as a healing and soothing compress in case of skin injuries, insect bites, abrasions and skin damage;

    *as a scalp tonic with dandruff and soothing irritation;

    * to make peelings and masks powder

    Active substances: flavonoids, phytosterols, essential oil up to 1% (vetiverol, vetivol, vetivenen, vetivone, felandren, khusimon, khusimol,
    vetvalen, vetiazulen, vetiselinen, vetiselinenol)

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    Vetiweria is a 1.5 metre high tropical grass from the Indian peninsula and Ceylon, currently found in India, China, Japan, Brazil, Haiti, Java and Réunion.

    One of the most valuable components of vetiver root is the essential oil, which has an anti-inflammatory and antifungal effect. In its countries of origin it is known as the „oil of peace”. Its unusual aroma puts on your feet, while calming and soothing. It takes excellent care of the skin, especially mature, badly blooded, dry and with inflammatory conditions such as acne. It has an anti-wrinkle effect and soothes irritation.

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