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    Soap with finely ground oat flakes undoubtedly belongs to peeling soaps. Gently exfoliates dead epidermis. Sweet almond oil additionally smoothes and softens the skin. We can say that we have two in one: cleaning with oatmeal and moisturizing with goat milk. It is suitable for all skin types.

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    How about soap with oatmeal, which we enriched with goat’s milk, coconut oil and sweet almonds? All these benefits, which we took from our manufactory, we closed in a handy bar of soap. Check how salutary this natural ankle is for the beauty and health of the whole body.

    Effect of soap with oat flakes :

    Finely ground oat flakes act in this soap as a natural exfoliating peeling of dead skin. Oat flakes behave similarly to hyaluronic acid – they deeply moisturize, protecting the skin’s lipid barrier, and the content of vitamins, elements and healthy proteins makes them help to regenerate and cleanse the skin. However, it is not the end of their valuable properties – thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, soap with oat flakes is a natural antidote to youthful acne. In addition to grain, we have also added moisturizing vegetable oils, such as coconut, castor or sweet almond. The oils prevent the skin from aging, calm it down and visibly smooth it, which you will notice after the first use of oat soap. Goat’s milk contained in the cosmetic will cope with rough, aging skin that needs to be moisturized. Soap with oatmeal will be loved by every member of the family who will reach for it at least once. Its action, but also the scent taken directly from nature, will pass the test of daily care of sensitive skin of the whole body. Oat soap is an excellent substitute for chemical shower gels.

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    Choosing soap with oat flakes will give you a decent dose of hydration and cleansing – I am in a hurry to explain 🙂
    Oat flakes in this soap have been finely ground (but it is still peeling soap) so that people with delicate and sensitive skin can also enjoy the benefits of this soap. Apart from being very healthy and nutritious, oatmeal is also widely used in cosmetics.
    They have a lot of vitamins (E, PP, B1, B6) and elements (including calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, copper) and valuable proteins. The β-glucan (dietary fiber component) contained in oat flakes shows great structural similarities to hyaluronic acid, and thus, like hyaluronic acid, strongly moisturizes. It is believed that β-glucan contributes to the skin regeneration process.
    Oat has cleansing properties, leaves a protective film on the skin, and eliminates skin irritation. Oat flakes also treat acne because oats have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
    The soap is, of course, based on goat’s milk, which also moisturizes, nourishes and, when used for a long time, improves the skin tone and smoothes.

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