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    Intensive moisturizing serum in the form of a 3% gel, containing a mixture of medium-molecular hyaluronic acid and an unprecedented ultra-low molecular acid content. This combination provides an exceptional skin care effect primarily in the deep layers of the skin, where the skin begins to lose its natural hyaluronic acid due to natural aging processes.

    Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid LMW – with particles smaller than 0.1 MDa that penetrate the horny layer. The small molecule has the ability to reach the deeper layers of the skin, where it absorbs water and creates a gel that increases volume, pushing small wrinkles outwards and thus smoothing them. Low-molecular hyaluronic acid reduces transepidermal water loss, protects the skin from adverse external factors, in case of damage isolates the epidermis from secondary infection and drying, thus accelerating the healing process. It strengthens the skin’s resistance, smoothes it, makes it soft and delicate to the touch and reduces superficial wrinkles, but only works temporarily and does not lead to the restoration of lost natural moisture.

    SLMW supermalmolecular acid penetrates into the lower layers of the epidermis, increases the level of moisture inside the skin, also increasing the penetration of active substances accompanying the acid. It is able to restore the natural support of the skin, which is hyaluronic acid, together with collagen and elastin fibers. The action of supermolecular acid is different from that of macromolecular acid – the low-molecular acid applied to the skin penetrates the stratum corneum and reaches the dermis. It is not washed away from the surface of the skin – it remains in the skin after cleaning.

    How does 3% hyaluronic acid work:

    • increases the level of hydration at all levels of the skin – the stratum corneum, epidermis and dermis,
    • the supermolecular gel fraction moisturizes deep layers of skin for a long time,
    • The medium molecular fraction reduces TEWL (transepidermal water loss) and protects the skin from sun, wind, frost and dry air,
    • increases skin firmness and elasticity,
    • Smoothing and softening,
    • accelerates the healing of epidermal damage,
    • moisturizing and protecting after cosmetic treatments drying the epidermis like derma roller, peelings, laser, retinoids,
    • The supermolecular fraction increases the penetration of active ingredients through the stratum corneum,
    • increasing hair hydration – the supermolecular fraction penetrates into the hair and the macromolecular fraction protects the hair from the outside – thickens, gives shine and smoothness.




    Amber glass bottle with a pump.

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