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    Cranberries contain more than 87% water and a large amount of vitamins A, C and B vitamins, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iodine. It is also rich in fibre, fruit acids, carbohydrates, antiocyanins, flavonoids and tannin – compounds that not only affect the proper functioning of our body but also improve the condition of our skin.

    Cosmetic properties of hydrosol:

    *by a slightly acidic pH close to the skin’s pH helps to maintain its own physiological response;

    *it’s antibacterial;

    *it’s antioxidant;

    *it’s anti-inflammatory;

    *has a strong moisturizing effect;

    *freshens the skin and makes it shine.*

    *firms and tones the skin;

    *they’re strengthening the blood vessels;

    *help to heal acne lesions.

    How to use Organic Cranberry Hydrosol?

    *hydrosol is suitable for oily, acne, vascular, irritable, reddish, dry and mature skin;
    * as a facial tonic – every day after washing in the morning and/or evening with a cotton pad moistened with hydrolath, wipe the entire face,neck.

    *as a refreshing mist for the face (especially in summer) and healing irritation;

    * before the application of the face oil – when the oil is applied to damp skin, rubbed before application of the hydrolat, its effectiveness will increase;

    * for peeling and powder masks.

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    Organic cranberry hydrolate is a highly aromatic water obtained in a slightly different way than traditional hydrolates, i.e. not by distillation but by using the technology of gentle dehydration of organic cranberries in vacuum and low temperature. This is an environmentally friendly process that preserves all the valuable substances contained in cranberries.

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