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    Activated charcoal, also called medicinal, is a fully natural, safe substance for external use. Thanks to its porous structure, it has extraordinary bonding and adsorption properties. This means that it attracts all impurities, toxins and bacteria even from deeper layers of skin. It has a cleansing and anti-inflammatory effect, exfoliates dead epidermis and normalizes sebum secretion. It also refreshes, brightens and soothes ill skin.

    This makes it ideal for acne, oily and blackheaded skin care. Despite its strong anti-acne action, it is also suitable for use by people with sensitive skin, as it does not irritate even delicate and allergic skin.


    • Pour the amount of charcoal into the charcoal to obtain the consistency of thick cream, then apply the paste prepared in this way to the selected area: face, neck, cleavage, scalp, back or thighs. It is advisable not to make the mask dry (e.g. you can spray it with the mist of your favourite hydrolyte or apply a damp compress). Apply the mask around 10-20 minutes. 10-20 minutes




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