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    The soap was created for people who have sensitive and delicate skin. It takes care of itself, it is rich in foams, does not contain artificial smells or dyes. Just right for people who are looking for gentle skin care.

    Soap for children over 3 years old.

    Our natural products are addressed even to the youngest members of the family. And it is with them in mind that we have created a unique soap that contains 25% full-fat goat milk. We also made sure that the ankle, during long baths filled with fun, does not dissolve too quickly and provides a whole lot of fragrant foam.

    The effect of goat’s milk soap

    Already in the oldest legends, baths in goat milk made the skin soft, delicate and moisturized. Inspired by the achievements of our ancestors and the salutary influence of nature, we produced soap from goat’s milk. The bar will moisturize the baby’s sensitive skin and also relieve minor abrasions or irritation caused by wearing a diaper. The presence of organic vegetable oils such as palm, coconut or castor oil gives the cosmetic additional nutritional value. The combination of oils shows antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, can also reduce the visibility of scars and noticeably improve skin condition. We know that children love long baths accompanied by toys. We are also aware that in the course of everyday hygiene, the rascals can use and dissolve a bar of soap very quickly. That is why we have developed a special formula of goat’s milk soap, which makes it harder and more resistant to prolonged exposure to water. Parents who buy natural cosmetics from us, repeatedly praise their nourishing effect and child-friendly consistency, enough for many carefree bathing games.

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    Less is more
    Baby soap was created for the youngest and those who have very delicate and sensitive skin. Honestly – a few years ago I prepared a soapy recipe for my little tiny tiny tiny tiny ones. I wanted this soap to be gentle, not leaving any irritation, the feeling of skin tightening and the one that foams very well (you know how children can wash their hands or bathe with a single wash or bath and watch how soap bubbles form:). Natural soaps (those that do not contain any artificial hardeners, except for vegetable oils) have it to themselves that when immersed in water for a long time they start to smear and dissolve, and children could look for soap in the bath for hours:), so I also wanted this bar of soap to be very hard and not dissolve in water at the first bath. The soap has passed its task on to the six, as evidenced by the positive opinions of our friends and clients.
    This soap contains more than 25% of full-fat, goat’s milk, which, I’ll remind you, is not mixed with water or mixed up! You will feel it when you first use the soap……

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