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Darmowa dostawa zamówień o wartości powyżej 300zł
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Zadzwoń +48 601 410 185
Darmowa dostawa zamówień o wartości powyżej 300zł

Loyalty program

Join our loyalty program.

Get to work:

  1. Put the products in the shopping cart. Each product has a number of points, which you take down when you put it in the basket.
  2. If you are shopping for the first time and want to join our loyalty program, just create an account and for the first purchase for at least 50 PLN you will receive an additional 10% discount, which is calculated automatically on the first order. The discount is not connected with current promotions in the store.
  3. You are making further purchases.
  4. After logging in the MY POINTS tab you can see how many points you have and decide how many points you want to spend on your order. Here you will also find a step-by-step description how to generate the code:)
  5. After you put the products in the basket and before placing an order, go to your account-> then the MY POINTS tab and here generate a discount code for the collected points.
  6. Then copy and paste the generated discount code into the basket (on the left) BUY CODE and click on the icon below USER BUY BUY and the price of the basket will automatically decrease by the used points.
  7. You exchange for a discount as many collected points as you want and at the same time you get more points, which you can use on your next order 🙂.

Principles :

  1. The number of points you will receive when buying a product is given on the product page.
  2. The logged in user can also see the number of collected points.
  3. The points are calculated when you place an order. Until the order is paid, the points remain inactive. When the order is paid for, the points are activated, which means that they will give a discount on the next order.
  4. The points can be used for any products without those covered by the promotion.
  5. The points are valid for 150 days. After that they expire and can no longer be used.
  6. Points do not combine with discount codes. When you have a discount code in your shopping cart, the points for the order will not be charged.
  7. If you modify the order by an employee of the store (adding additional products to an existing order), no points will be credited for new products.
  8. The minimum value of the order for which you can generate a code is 100 PLN.
  9. In case of cancellation of the order, the points are lost.

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