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    Soap with charcoal and propolis gently removes impurities, excess sebum and dead skin cells. It has an exfoliating and antibacterial effect. The soap has been additionally enriched with propolis, which has a number of valuable properties for our skin: it effectively regenerates irritations, has an anti-inflammatory and anti-acne effect, prevents excessive oily skin, accelerates wound healing, soothes redness. Unrefined shea butter, olive oil and sweet almond oil contained in the soap gently care for the skin without drying it out. Designed for blackheaded, acne, seborrheic, oily and discolored skin.

    Propolis is often included in cosmetics for contaminated, problematic and oily skin. Thanks to vitamins A, E and F, it supports the body in maintaining good skin condition. It prevents inflammation and skin inflammation, inhibits the formation of new blackheads and accelerates the healing of micro-damages. Propolis contains about 250 biologically active compounds such as flavonoids, fatty acids, esters, alcohols, terpenes, sterols or microelements. The high content of flavonoids – quercitin, chrysine or epigenine – makes propolis anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Propolis provides valuable micro and macroelements such as B vitamins : B1, B2, carotenes and elements : potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, and cobalt. In our workshop we create cosmetics out of love for nature. This is how the healing soap with carbon and propolis was created. This black and white mosaic of nutrients will allow you to enjoy beautiful and well cared for skin again. Check the operation and composition of the soap, which we created ourselves.

    Effects of charcoal soap :

    Soap with charcoal and propolis should be especially emphasized by people suffering from excessive sebum, blackheads and other skin imperfections. Active charcoal is a specialist in dealing with skin contamination and acne. Its regular use will normalize the secretion of sebum, so the face will stay healthy and fresh for longer. We also added rich and valuable oils to the cosmetic: coconut, olive oil, cold pressed shea butter, sweet almond oil and castor oil. This long list of oils makes charcoal soap even more valuable and nutritious. Besides, there is also propolis in the black and white bar. This resin substance obtained by our industrious bees is an invaluable component of natural care. Thanks to numerous vitamins, micro and macroelements or active biological compounds, propolis is one of the healthiest concoctions. In everyday care it will be a soothing ingredient for irritation and dermatitis, which additionally inhibits the formation of new blackheads. The combination of black active charcoal with propolis will be loved by everyone who uses our soap at least once.

  • INCI


    Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Olivate, Sodium Shea Butterate, Sodium Almondate, Sodium Castorate, Propolis Wax, Glycerin, Activated Charcoal.



    150g (+/- 10%)

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