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    Sugarcane squalane, obtained in biotechnological processes from sugar cane, is currently (2019) the purest form of squalane, it has a high chemical affinity to the squalene present in human sebum.

    Sugarcane squalane is suitable for all skin types – dry, mature, capillary, oily, mixed, sensitive, allergic. Squalane has softening, smoothing, firming and regenerating properties, improves penetration of other ingredients contained in the composition of the cosmetic. Squalane perfectly penetrates through the epidermis to deeper layers of the skin, moisturizes and stimulates cells to self-regenerate. After treatment with cosmetics containing squalane, the skin becomes firmer and smoother, wrinkles become shallow and “shiny”. It can be used for hair and nail care.

    It is in the form of an oily, odourless liquid and resembles to the touch ultra-light and perfectly absorbent oil (the term dry oil is used).

    It can be used in formulas for all skin types (including fine skin). It dissolves and is a solvent for all vegetable oils and other fat-soluble substances, and thanks to its ability to penetrate deeper skin layers, it is an excellent “transporter” of active ingredients.

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    Apply to previously cleansed, moisturized skin. Sugarcane squalane can be applied directly on the skin or as an additive to masks, oils, hairspray, creams or serums. It can be applied directly or as an addition to masks, creams or serums.



    Amber glass bottle with a pump.

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