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  • kiwi hydrosol


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  • Description

    Kiwi hydrosol and the vitamin C it contains are antioxidants that protect our skin from free radicals and stimulate fibroblasts to produce. Due to its antioxidant properties, kiwi has anti-aging and wound healing properties. Kiwi is also a rich source of minerals such as potassium and magnesium (they regulate the secretion of sebum and the level of greasy skin, soothe inflammation) and fiber. The fruit also contains the enzyme actinidine, whose properties are similar to those of papaine. As in the case of lemon, kiwi contains significant amounts of citric acid, classified as AHA.

    ∗Vitamin C contained in kiwi is an antioxidant that protects our skin from free radicals and stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen. This leads to a slower aging process. Vitamin C improves blood circulation so that the skin is better oxygenated and wounds heal faster. Kiwi is also a source of other antioxidants – vitamins A and E. In turn, vitamin K contained in them improves skin tone and strengthens blood vessels. The minerals present in kiwi fruit also have a positive effect on the skin. Potassium and calcium improve the level of moisture and grease in the skin. Zinc regulates sebaceous secretion and relieves inflammation. Iron improves skin tone and magnesium tones the skin and slows down the ageing process.

    Cosmetic properties of kiwi hydrosol:

    • thanks to its slightly acidic pH close to the skin’s pH, it helps maintain its own physiological response,
    • it’s antibacterial,
    • it’s antioxidant,
    • it’s anti-inflammatory,
    • has a strong moisturizing effect,
    • refreshes the skin and makes it shine,
    • strengthens and firms the skin,
    • helps to heal acne changes

    Active substances:

    • vitamins – high content of Vit. C,
    • minerals
    • carbohydrates,
    • AHA acids,
    • antioxidants,
    • the actinidine enzyme.


  • INCI


    Actinidia Chinensis (Kiwi) Fruit Water.



    It is recommended for oily, acne, dry and mature skin.



    The product should be stored in a cool place (preferably a refrigerator) away from sunlight. After opening, the hydrosol should be used within 2 months.






    Apply the product to cleansed face and/or body. Hydrosol can be used as a tonic, refreshing mist, cooling compress, as well as for dismantling masks.



    Amber glass bottle with atomizer.



    Sweet, fresh, fruity.

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