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  • Description

    The effect of a Roman chamomile blossom hydrosol:

    • recommended for sensitive skin around the eyes,
    • it soothes redness and inflammation,
    • ensures adequate hydration,
    • restores shine and brightens the skin,
    • due to its strong antiseptic effect and accelerating healing recommended for contaminated skin with acne changes,
    • it strengthens hair and gives it shine,
    • counteracts the effects of sunburn,
    • it works nicely when washing makeup,
    • it has a calming and anti-stressing effect,

    How to use and apply:

    Chamomile hydrosol is invaluable in solving skin problems. Its soothing, soothing and antiseptic properties will be a reliable helper in levelling out imperfections or healing small wounds. The essence of field flowers will relieve skin irritation caused by excessive sun exposure or invasive epilation. Precious properties of chamomile hydrosol will work out especially during everyday care – the distillate will properly moisturize and lighten the face skin. Thanks to the convenient hydrosol atomizer we can use it as a moisturizing conditioner without rinsing, as a cleansing and calming tonic, or even as after-shave water. It will also work perfectly as a compress for tired, irritated eyelids.

  • INCI


    Chamaemelum Nobile (Roman Chamomile) Flower Water.



    100 ml



    The product should be stored in a cool place (preferably a refrigerator) away from sunlight. After opening, the hydrosol should be used within 2 months.



    Apply the product to cleansed face and/or body. Hydrosol can be used as a tonic, refreshing mist, cooling compress, as well as for dismantling masks.



    Amber glass bottle with atomizer.