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  • parsley seed oil


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  • Description

    Unrefined Parsley Seed Oil is a natural source of carotene (provitamin A), vitamins B1, B2, K and C and a significant amount of iron. In cosmetics, its valuable properties are used, among others anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent, detoxifying and circulation-enhancing. Moreover, it has a detoxifying and draining effect. Thanks to its high vitamin C content, it is an ideal addition to products for discoloration: it lightens stains and evens out the colour. Applied externally, it causes cramps, which positively affect the appearance of the skin – it becomes firmer. In addition, parsley seed oil prevents hair loss, can slow down or inhibit bleeding and accelerate the healing of wounds, and helps to combat cellulite. Apparently it smoothes the skin, improves its hydration, the skin is more elastic and firm, has a beneficial effect on the vessels – it strengthens them and prevents them from breaking.

    For outdoor use only. Do not apply directly to injured skin or after invasive cosmetic procedures (e.g. laser therapy, deep peeling, microdermabrasion, etc.). Parsley seed oil is suitable for mixed, greasy and contaminated skin. It has a brightening effect, improves skin tone, eliminates discoloration. Used in the prevention of acne and vascular skin, with cellulite. Do not use when pregnant. After opening the package it is best to store it in the fridge, tightly closed.

    Parsley in its composition has an extremely high content of petroselic acid (about 72%), to which it owes its strong regenerative, cicatrizing and firming properties. It moisturizes, smoothes and improves skin condition. Ideal for problematic, mixed and oily skin, with acne and a tendency to blackheads. It cleans and has an astringent effect. It strengthens blood vessel walls. It’s very flexible and firm. It helps in the fight against cellulite. It has a brightening effect, improves skin tone, eliminates discoloration.

  • INCI


    Carum Petroselinum Seed Oil.



    Parsley Seed Oil (cold pressed).



    30 ML



    Amber brown bottle with a dropper.

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