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    The pollen commonly called bee pollen is a real vitamin bomb. In bee pollen there are also 36 macro and micro elements (iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, silver and silicon), nickel). It is a rich source of vitamins soluble in water and fats. In pollen we find enzymes that enable or accelerate many metabolic processes in our body. It has an antihistamine effect (relieves allergies), cleanses the body of toxins, supports the treatment of the biliary tract. It allows you to make up for the lack of elements in a short time, so it is recommended for people whose diet contains too little fresh food. Recommended for people after heavy physical exertion who need fast regeneration. The pollen has antibacterial and fungicidal properties. It supports treatment after antibiotics. It increases the body’s immunity by increasing the amount of antibodies, lowers the level of bad cholesterol, increases the number of red blood cells, and increases the level of iron in the blood serum. It reduces nervousness, irritation, strengthens the nervous system weakened due to stress or overwork. It supports the treatment of depression, enables to reduce the doses of antidepressants. It also supports the treatment of vegetative neuroses. It increases blood supply to the nervous tissue, improves mental performance and concentration.

    How to use and apply:

    The effects of pollen cannot be exchanged in one breath. We owe it to numerous nutrients – from micro and macroelements, through vitamins dissolved in water and fats, to enzymes necessary for proper functioning of our body. Bee pollen has an antihistamine effect, which helps to deal with annoying allergies. Moreover, it cleanses our body of toxins, bacteria and fungi, and after the antibiotic treatment, it will allow us to recover faster. Additionally, pollen will lower the level of bad cholesterol, multiply the red blood cells and even increase the level of iron in the blood. Bee pollen is recommended for children, as a natural reinforcement of immunity. Pollen consumption should be thought of by people whose diet has not been varied so far, as well as athletes who need to regenerate their bodies quickly. Nervous people will find relief, strengthening the nervous system, weakened due to stress. It is also a great helper in treating depression. Bee pollen is especially recommended for children who shake their noses during meals – it will noticeably increase their appetite even in the most severely ingested ones.



    Multi-flower pollen (including rape, phacelia, buckwheat and other pollen collected from nearby meadows).



    These are the general rules for taking pollen. However, if you are just beginning your adventure with pollen, I recommend to start with a smaller amount to check for any allergic reaction.

    It is recommended to take bee pollen 3 times a day half an hour before eating. The pollen should be mixed with honey, milk or water and then chewed thoroughly before swallowing to increase the absorption of pollen.

    Daily doses:
    * children 3-5 years old 10 g of pollen (two tea spoons)
    * children 6-12 years old 15 g of pollen, (three tea spoons)
    * children over 12 years old and adults 20 g of pollen, (four tea spoons)
    * Adults treat 30-40 g of pollen, (two tablespoons).

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