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Call us +48 601 410 185
Free delivery for orders over PLN 300


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On the subject of being zero waste you can always do better and more to protect both future generations and our Planet from flooding used packaging.

Research and figures are staggering – over a million animals die in the oceans every year. About 50,000 tons of plastic bags that go into the ocean each year kill more than a million sea birds and a hundred thousand sea mammals. Annually, each inhabitant of Europe and North America generates about 100 kg of plastic garbage, some of which goes into the oceans. As much as 2 million tons of garbage probably goes to forests … Only 14 percent of Polish garbage is recycled, while almost 80 percent of municipal waste goes to landfills (and from there, some is carried by wind or flows down rivers to the seas and oceans).

Sticking on your back and explaining to yourself that one person is unable to change anything is no excuse. A drop tears the rock. Together we can do more and therefore start to return the packages in our store. Recently we have managed to introduce many solutions that are friendly for both people and the environment. We pack in paper and glass, send packages filled with fragrant hay, do not send printed invoices, brochures, leaflets, etc.; and now it’s time to return the packages and reuse them, so it’s enough:

  • you will send 7 glass packages to the address: Przedsiębiorstwo Projektowo-Inwestycyjne AJEDEN Sp. z o.o., 8 Kościelna Street, Korytowo, 73-222 Suliszewo,
  • you will write to us at asking for a code for 30 PLN (with 7 packages) discount for next order,
  • you will secure the packaging properly so that it will reach us in its entirety:)

We will take care of the rest!




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